Friday, September 4, 2015

Cebu is Sweeter the Third Time Around - Day One

It was my third visit in the famous Queen City of the South. During the first and second visit, I was with my friends/officemates and was able to explore Cebu City and Oslob. I might post a throwback article for these. :) On my third visit,  I planned to go solo and made my DIY itinerary.

Tips for doing your DIY itinerary:
1. Make a research. Read lots of articles/blogs so you'll have an idea on what to expect. You can also get itinerary ideas from them and it's up to you on how to customise it.
2. Time management. Make sure you have considered the time you'll be consuming (length of each travel and activity, schedule of the buses' trip/activity). Like for example, the whale shark encounter is up to 12NN only. I was guilty and have to revised my itinerary twice. Lesson learned.

I came up with this list:
1. Osmena Peak, Dalaguete (Day One)
2. Whale Shark Encounter, Oslob (Day Two)
3. Canyoneering, Algeria-Badian (Day Two)
4. Food/Cafe Tripping, Cebu City (Day Two and Three)

Since my first stop is Osmena Peak, from Mactan Cebu International Airport I headed to Cebu South Bus Terminal and looked for a bus going to Oslob via Dalaguete. I told the conductor that I'm heading to Osmena Peak and to drop me off Dalaguete Junction. Upon reaching the junction, I hired a motorbike (habal-habal) to the foot trail.

I read that you have two options in climbing Osmena Peak:
1. Start at the Mantalungon Market (2 hours climb)
2. Start at the foot of Osmena Peak (.5 hours climb)

Ofcourse, I chose option 2. Haha! At the jump off point, you have to register by signing in a logbook. Since it was my first time at the place, the driver told me to hire a guide. Most guides are children who resides in the area. Note: There's no fixed fee for the guide. The place was like little Baguio from the winding road, to the all green environment and to the cold weather. However, the weather was not in sync with my plan. It was raining and the wind was keeping up with the rain. Pero push lang! Upon reaching the peak, oh boy! puro clouds/fog, no view. Better luck next time.

climbing the peak with Charles, my guide

Expectation. This was my friend's photo during his visit at Osmena Peak.
You can follow him in IG: kcaburian for awesome travel photos!

Reality. Haha! Note to myself: The travel must go on. Haha!
After 10 minutes at the peak, I decided to go down since it was chilling and my clothes were getting saggy because of the rain.

I went back at the jump off start where the motorbike driver was waiting and headed back to Dalaguete Junction. From there, I waited for a bus going to Oslob. I made a reservation at Chateau de Tan-awan.  Note: the cellular signal at the place is weak so you may have to give an allowance of time for ate Venny's response. I reserved a single fan room (good for four persons) for P750. It was a cozy place to spend the night. I chose this place as it's just 10 minutes away from the briefing centre since I need to be up early the next day for the whale shark encounter. Too bad, I didn't have any picture of the place. They didn't serve dinner in the home stay so I went to the nearby eatery, Big G's.

You can visit this site for more information

Contact Person: Ate Venny - 09179127783I
Landmark: Tan-awan Elementary School. Across the school is Chateau de Tan-awan.

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