Saturday, October 24, 2015

Snippet of La Union

My friends and I was able to snip an awesome weekend getaway in La Union last October 10-11, 2015. Thanks to my awesome friend, Jasper, who shared tips and recommended activities to do in La Union.

We met at Maingate, Angeles City at 8:00AM and traveled to San Juan, La Union. We rented a van and a service of an experienced driver, Kuya Medic to get us to places.

The first stop was to check in to our preferred accommodation, Isla Bonita Beach Resort. It took us 3.5 hours to reach the place. However, upon arriving, we found out that the supposed to be room reservation was given to others. We were stressed at first but management was able to find us a cozy accommodation next to their resort.

Bamboo Beach Cottages

They also offered ALL their amenities such as volleyball court, swimming pools, billiard table, comfort rooms for free. Moreover, they offered us a sumptuous lunch at a discounted price. Way to go Isla Bonita's management. All the stressed feeling was swept away. Thumbs up.

We had tinola, kare-kare, pakbet and crispy pata for lunch! Spell yum!

We explored our place at Bamboo Beach Cottages and found that we have our own kitchen! A great idea plunged into our minds. We thought of cooking our meals to save up. :)

We headed to the market which is just 5 minutes away from the resort to buy foods and ingredients.

At 4:00 PM we headed to the surf point (10 mins away from the resort) to have the time of our lives. LOL. Our surf instructors were from RAMO Surf School. They were very patient and accommodating.

Here is the school's contact number:
With Kuya Omar

My cool instructor for that session was Rea :)
My first time on a one fin hard board :)

We had small waves raging from 2-4ft and the rides were about 5-10 meters long.

The session lasted for an hour just before the awesome sunset view.

And yes, the sun had its grand exit with the pink and orange paint in the sky.

Later, we still had an ample of time to play beach volleyball c/o Isla Bonita.

Afterwards, we washed off and waited for dinner to be served!
Our boys were very eager to show their cooking skills so the girls let them do their thing!

At around 9:00PM we started to fire up the bonfire. The pile of woods was set up by Isla Bonita for a fee. Since we didn't have marshmallows to roast, we shared each others jokes/stories. Haha The cold breezy night session was complemented by the heat of the fire.

The next day we woke up at 7:00AM and headed to San Gabriel for our next activity, trekking/chasing waterfalls.

We took the wrong road so we consumed another hour to get to the jump off point.

An when we finally arrived at Tangadan jump off point..our adventure begun.

Here's a bunch of pictures of our trip.

Jumping off the cliff!

That's Chai having an awesome photo in Tangadan Falls
The mandatory back shot.

We finished off at 2:00PM and went back to our accommodation to wash off. We're lucky that we were not charged an overtime fee. :)

We're monster hungry since we skipped lunch and decided to try out surf shack :)

We ordered Tapa and Ilocano Pizza and Chicken Wings. Definitely recommended!
After having our satisfied meal. We headed back to Pampanga.

If you need contacts persons and a detailed itinerary, feel free to contact me :)

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