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Book that Cheap Airfare!

Have you experienced sleepless night, puyatan or agawan sa internet speed whenever there's airfare promo? Or have you experienced trying to book via PC and via phone simultaneously with the help of the whole Barangay? Yes, the things we do for cheap fare!

These are the times where "nasusubok ang diskarte at pasensya" mo. Haha!

Everyone could access these promo but not everyone can successfully book one.
Ung tipong maraming isda sa dagat pero hindi ka parin nakakabingwit! Ka-frustrate daba?!

Don't fret my friend. It happens to everyone, even to myself.
But we just don't give up, right? We still check on those promo fares and hope for our own successful booking story. Don't worry, magkakaroon ka din ng success story Bes! Abang at tiyaga lang ang katapat plus madaming tips and advices from travel gurus na sinubok na ng panahon sa pagbobook. Haha!

Below is the list of my (recent) bookings during promo fare:
1. Legazpi (one way) via Cebu Pacific- P420
2. Tacloban (RT) via Air Asia - P484
3. Bacolod (RT) via Cebu Pacific - P587
3. Taiwan (RT) via Cebu Pacific - P2,074
4. Hongkong (RT) via Cebu Pacific - P1500

So, eto na Bes! Bigyan kita ng tips!
Actually, these advices are from travel gurus. I have picked my favorite advices and used them in my bookings.


1. Sign up for an account with the airlines' site.

Konting sipag lang Bes. It pays to have an account. First, during your bookings and if you're flying, you're details will be automatically generated. You're actually saving time and having less errors in typing your details. Another is entitlement to points. Airlines also launches promo by way of points to its member. Like for Air Asia, they have one day priority to members plus you can book flights via your available points. Lastly, signing up for an account gives you an access for promo alerts. Normally, promo pops up in my phone in the notification bar. Easy access baby!

2.  Know the details of your travel buddies

This is not a problem if you're travelling by yourself. But if you're travelling with your friend, friend with benefits, boyfriend, best friend, family, or anyone else. It would be better if you already have their details such as Name, Birthday, Contact Number, and Nationality. These are required to process your bookings. Because time is the essence of booking, you cannot wait for everyone to send their details dahil baka maubusan ka na Bes. Yes Bes unahan ito. And there's time limit in processing each booking. So be like a boy scott na "laging handa".


1. Use Incognito Window

By using Incognito Window, airlines cannot monitor your search history and location. As mentioned by several blogs, these information controls the price.

Disclaimer: I'm not really sure about this. But I always use Incognito Window for booking. haha

2. Know the Right Time

If you're willing to stay up till midnight that will be super fine. But be ready for those system breakdown as number of people are trying to access the website. As the famous saying goes, "Patience is a Virtue". As for me, I wake up at 5:00 AM and check the promo. Based on experience, there's no internet traffic and I was able to successfully book flights during this time as compared to 12 midnight or during the day. Also, don't give up if you have not seen any promo on the first day or first few hours. Wag susuko Bes! Patiently wait after some hours or for the next day and check again. Those booked flights which were not paid will show up again. Yes Bes, believe in the idea of second chances. LOL.

3. Check the Promo

Don't be too giddy in booking by directly searching a flight. Kalma Bes! It is easier to find the cheaper airfares if you're on the right page at the right time. (Just like love. haha)

You should check the following:
  • Travel period - Don't go gaga searching for the promos. Airlines have time frame (some would even be 6 months ahead). Know the time frame to know where the promos are. If the dates do not suit you or your planned vacation well  consider skipping the current promo fare (save you time! marami pa namang iba dyan. haha!). Pero pag pasok sa banga, I start on the first day of the promo until the last day (day by day) to find the cheapest fare. Go for weekdays instead of weekends and avoid holidays as weekends and holidays tend to have higher fares.
  • Destinations on promo - Yes, sometimes you could see that P1 or P99 base fare. Pero besh, check which destinations and route are on these sale. Those advertisements can be deceiving. And sometimes, it's just a one way promo fare (wala ng balikan eh).  
  • Seat availability - Hindi ito rice na unlimited, promo fares on each destination are limited. Check mo bes kung may pinaglalaban ka pa. Baka search ka ng search, wala na palang available. TIP: Choose the less popular destination.

4. Book by small batches (1-2 persons at a time)

Three is a crowd. LOL. Some times the promo fares per destination per day per time are limited to 1-2 persons only. My story based on experience: I was booking for Tacloban for 2 pax but the promo won't show up. But when I searched for 1 pax, the promo was there. Yes, in favor si airline sa mga single at ready to mingle. Haha It's better to book several times in small batches. Pero pag wala na Bes, move on na. 

5. Prepare your debit/credit card

So you processed everything. The last step would be paying for your flight. If you're on debit card, be sure na may pondo. Haha! Or if you'll use someone's else credit card, make sure that you have the details. Like with the processing of information, payment has also time limit.

So there you go! Those are the things I follow whenever there's promo fare.
Ikaw Bes? Anong experience mo sa pagbook ng airfare promo?
Share your successful and not so successful booking story! :) 

"Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it it "timing". It waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way." - Fulton Sheen

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