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Across Negros Occidental - Campuestohan Highland Resort

According to plan, Day 4 was solely for Campuestohan Highland Resort. But after 3-4 hours stay in the resort, I opted to go back to Bacolod not because there's nothing to do (there's actually so much activities that the resort offers) but because I was craving for Calea! haha!

Transportation to Campuestohan Highland Resort
Public Transportation
1. Tricycle (special trip) - P500/tricycle for one way
2. Cab - was not able to inquire
3. Shuttle Van - Weekends (see below) - P100 for one way
Through the Resort
4. Private Shuttle Service Sarao - 30 seater) - P3000 (RT)
5. Private Nissan Urvan (Day Trip - max of 15/pax) - P1,500
6. Private Nissan Urvan (Overnight - max of 15/pax) - P2,500

How I got there:
During weekends, shuttle vans going to Campuestohan Highland Resorts are available. The terminal is located in Villa Angela Arcade (Facing Lopue East Center). It is on a first come, first serve basis. 
From Robinson's Mall, I rode a jeepney (Shopping North Bound) and alighted at West Negros. From West Negros, I rode a jeepney (Fortune Towne) going to Villa Angela Arcade. 

Upon arrival at the resort, I paid for the entrance fee for P150. They do not charge for corkage on foods brought inside the resort. :) 

Campuestohan is a resort and an adventure park that gives a full view of the entire Negros Occidental and the green forest of Mt. Makawili.  Each section is picture worthy from its hanging bridge, swimming pools, accommodations, King Kong park, etc. The Indian Village have colourful tipis while Bonita huts would resemble those of Hobbit houses. Some describe it as New Zealand of the Philippines.  For rates on accommodations, you can visit the link provided on the information section below.

Campuestohan Highland Resort

Indian Village with Tipi Houses
Bonita Huts
Hanging Bridge
Rope Course
View from the hanging bridge
This view is very dreamy
How about King Kong?

Aside from the eye catching view, they also offers different activities such as

1. Zipline - P200/person
2. Rope Course - P200/person
3. Sky Bicycle - P100/person for one way
4. Horeseback Riding - P150/person
5. Hamster Wheel - P100/person

In the future there will also be chair pool, wave pool, windmill, bungee trampoline and outdoor gym.
For fun and adventure with the whole family or friends, this resort is highly recommended.

From the resort, I rode the shuttle van going back to Bacolod. Along the way the Manong Driver told me that they also have shuttle van going to the airport for P100/person. With my bags and box of pasalubong, this could be the cheaper yet convenient option. 

For lunch, I rode a tricycle going to East Pala-Pala Resto Grill which was recommended by Manong Driver. Along the way, I saw the Bacolod City Hall and took a photo of it.

Bacolod City Hall

Pala-pala restaurant is for seafood lovers. This is much like the Manila's "Dampa" where you get to buy the seafood of your choice and they'll cook it for you.  They also serve Tula Soup for free. :)

Aside from seafoods, East Pala-pala also serve pork barbecues and short orders.

Buttered Shrimp
After getting full with seafoods, I went to Calea because  no matter how full you are, there's always room for dessert!

Yes, I'm back!

From the restaurant, I asked a tricycle driver to take me back to Villa Angela Arcade but he asked me where I am going and I said Calea. He said that he can take me to Calea for P120 and I haggled for P100. 

In Calea, I ordered coffee crumble, macadamia sans rival and took away white chocolate cheesecake. :)

After satisfying my stomach with seafood and heart with dessert, I headed back to Villa Angela Arcade where the shuttle going to airport is located.

From Calea, I rode a jeepney (Bata Libertad) and dropped off at Caltex Intersection (4 streets away. I rode a jeepney because the sun was burning hot). From the intersection, I rode a jeepney (Shopping North Bound) to West Negros and finally from West Negros, rode a jeepney (Fortune Towne) going to Villa Angela Arcade.

The shuttle van drove me to the airport on time.

During the Negros Occidental travel, I did not hire or did not attempt to hire a cab. Well, challenge passed!

I walked through streets, asked Negrenses about directions, rode jeepneys, tricycles, van and buses of different route and it made the trip more fun and meaningful. I was able to appreciate what Negros Occidental have to offer and the hospitality of Negrenses. Salamat Gid Negros Occidental!

Day 4 Expenses
Jeepney (Shopping North Bound) from Robinson's Mall to West Negros - P7
Jeepney (Fortune) from West Negros to Villa Angela Arcade - P7
Breakfast  at Jollibee - P75
Shuttle van from Villa Angela Arcade to Campuestohan - P100
Campuestohan - Entrance fee - P150
Food at Campuestohan - P35
Shuttle van from Campuestihan to Villa Angela Arcade - P100
Tricycle from Villa Angela Arcade to East Pala-Pala with side trip to Bacolod City Hall (P50/tricycle) - P25
Lunch at East Pala-pala - P200
Tricycle from East Pala-Pala to Calea (P100/tricyle) - P50
Food at Calea - P140
Jeepney (Bata-Libertad) from Calea to Caltex Intersection - P7
Jeepney (Shopping North Bound) from Caltex Intersection to West Negros - P7
Jeepney (Fortune) from West Negros to Villa Angela Arcade - P7
Shuttle Van from Villa Angela Arcade to Airport - P100
Terminal Fee - P200
Taxi from NAIA to Pasay Terminal (P75/taxi) - P38
Bus from Pasay Terminal to Marquee Terminal - P139
Day 4 Expenses - P1,387

Summary of Expenses
Day 1 - P733
Day 2 - P2,462
Day 3 - P1,541
Day 4 - P1,387
Airfare - P587
Pasalubong - P600
Total Expenses - P7,310

Campuestohan Website - Link here

*** I used "I/me" in this post for simplicity but I was with my partner during the whole trip. Any shared expenses is divided by 2 :)
**** all food expenses were shared expenses. In the summary of expenses, you may want to multiply the amount indicated by 2 to get the whole amount paid for food.








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