Saturday, March 25, 2017

Across Negros Occidental - Lakawon Island Resorts & Spa, The Ruins and Bacolod Food Trip

I am now on the third day of my Negros Occidental travel.

Places I visited:
1. Lakawon Island Resorts & Spa + Tawhai Floating Bar
2. The Ruins (finally)
3. Bacolod Food Trip

I left the hotel at 5:00 AM so I can reach Lakawon early. The island is 2-3 hours away from Bacolod. The island can be crowded especially during weekends. So the earlier, the better.

From Go Hotels, I rode a jeepney (Bata - Liberatd) going to Bacolod North Terminal. I have not eaten breakfast yet and it's a good thing that the Ceres Bakery is already opened at that time. I tried their "Pandesal" and "Spanish Bread"  and I'm speechless! The bread just melts in your mouth (Now I'm craving for Ceres' Pandesal). For just P3/each Pandesal you'll surely have higher standards for your morning bread!

I rode a bus (going to Zamboanga) that will alight by Cadiz - Martesan Terminal. For air conditioned bus, the fare was P100 and P60 for non air conditioned bus. The bus left on the scheduled time without completely filling the seats. The travel time from Bacolod North Terminal to Martesan Terminal is around 1.5 hours.

From Martesan Terminal, I rode a tricycle to Cadiz Viejo Port. The tricycle can accommodate 4 passengers for P120/tricyle. My Partner and I joined another couple to share the tricycle fare.

At the port, I paid P280 for the following:
Entrance fee - P110
Boat fee - P150 (RT)
Environmental fee - P20

Lakawon - 0917-555-6979
The resort charged P50/person as a corkage fee for the food and drinks to address the waste disposals. Yes, the resort is very concerned with the waste disposal as there are number of signage and trash bins in the island. Good job!

Boat trip:
6:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Day Tour
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM - Special Trip (Overnight Rate)

Last trip is until 5:00 PM. After 5:00 PM, overnight rates will be charged which is P1,000/boat (min of 10 persons)

Boat - Special Trips
1-4 persons - P1,000
5-7 persons - P1,200
8-10 persons - P1,500

Sheds Rate:
Day Time
Umbrella Hut - P600 (max of 6 persons; P100/head for excess)
Open Cottages - P1,200 (max of 10 persons; P100/head for excess)
Tropical Bamboo - P2,500 (max of 4 persons; P500/head for excess)
Tent - P300/head

Parking Fee Rate:
Day Tour - P75
Overnight - P100

Tips: For day tour, do not bring much things so you do not need to hire an umbrella hut. I just brought one small bag for swim clothes and towel and I just carried it every time (actually, my Partner did. haha)

Lakawon Island is 15 minutes away from the port. Easy breezy trip! Upon arrival, the staffs asked the guests to go to the Reception area for registration. They will also ask if you'll be going to the Tawhai Floating Bar. The fee was P250 which included the boat fee (RT from the island to the floating bar) and entrance fee.

I had a tour of the whole island. It has instagramable areas and the resort was well maintained.The staffs are accommodating and friendly. They have a number of restrooms which are very clean as well. The resort has it's own restaurant but I was not able to dine in it since I had my lunch in the floating bar.
Lakawon Island
Lakawon Resort
Awra Bes!
Lakawon Resort
Below the wooden bridge
Wooden bridge
Awra version 2.0
Awra version 3.0

After taking pictures in all sides and angles of the resort. I tried out the Tawhai Floating Bar which is the largest floating bar in Asia. The bar opens at 10:00 AM. Guests are picked-up using a speed boat (all the while, I though that the floating bar is paddling through the sea. haha! It was just stationed in one area and guest are brought in using boats). The Tawhai Floating Bar was the highlight of my Lakawon experience. It was a very extremely (and all the superlatives) amazing experience. With good musics, comfy beds and a nice view of the island, the floating bar is really a definition of a cozy place. This was the "alright, let the sun shine on me, no matter how it stings in my skin" moment. There were shaded areas but the sun was shining at its best. The cool breeze of the sea took away any "ang init" sec. I tried their juices, buffalo wings, fries and Hungarian sausage. I dozed off after my meal.  For adrenaline, you can jump from the second floor of the boat. They have lifeguards to assist you before jumping. They got floaters too and guests can swim near the boat. After some hours of stay (by the way, you can stay all you want), I headed back to the island, took shower and waited for the boat that brought me to back to the Port.

The floating bar
Cozy area
The bar
Lunch at the Floating bar

There were no other guests who came back from the Island so I hired a tricycle (special trip) going to the Martesan Terminal. Luckily, at the terminal, there was already a non-airconditioned Ceres bus bound for Bacolod.

Now, to the Ruins!

How I got there:
From Bacolod North Terminal, I hired a tricycle (special trip) going to the Ruins. The driver was asking for P150 fare for one-way but I haggled for P100 fare.

Upon reaching The Ruins, I paid for entrance fee of P100.

Entrance fees
Adult - P100; Senior Citizen/PWD - P50; Student - P50; Children (below 8 years old) - P20

The Ruins of the Mansion of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson was built in loving memory of his deceased wife Maria Braga after her death in 1911. The mansion of Italianate architecture was designed to be monument of their enduring love affair. In the eve of World War II in 1942, the mansion was torched by the guerrilla fighters and was burning for 3 days leaving behind reminders of a glorious past.
The Ruins
Awra pa more!
Luckily, there were shuttle vans from The Ruins to Go Hotels for P50/pax. Easy breezy!

From the hotel, I headed to Sharyn's Kansi House for dinner.

How I got there:
From Robinson's Mall (just in front of Go Hotels), I rode a jeepney (Shopping North Bound) and alighted by Robinson's supermarket and walked to the Kansi House.

Kansi is a cross between sinigang (sour soup) and bulalo (bone marrow broth). It got it's trademark kick from batwan, a local fruit used as a souring agent.

It was something new for me but was flavourful and I would definitely recommend it to others.

After the sumptuous meal, it was time for dessert. I went to Calea to try out their famed baked goods.

Famous Sharyn's Kansi House

How I got there:
I rode a jeepney (Shopping North Bound) just on the other side of the road where I was dropped off earlier and alighted Caltex (Lacson) Intersection. I walked through 5 streets and found Calea. While walking, I noticed that Bacolod City is full of restaurants, food alleys, food park etc. A good place for food tripping. Also, there were policemen stationed in each street! I felt safe during the night walk.

In Calea, I tried one of their best sellers, White Chocolate Cheesecake and their Chocolate Mousse. And the news was real! Calea is indeed serving mouthwatering cakes! This was the best way to end a very good day!


Day 3 Expenses:
Jeepney (Bata-Libertad) from hotel to Bacolod North Terminal - P7
Breakfast at Ceres Bakeshop - P18
Ceres bus from Bacolod North Terminal to Martesan Terminal, Cadiz (air conditioned) - P100
Tricycle from Martesan Terminal to Cadiz Viejo Port (P120/tricycle) - P30
Lakawon Fee - P280
Tawhai Floating Bar - P250
Lunch at Tawhai Floating Bar - P165
Tricycle from Cadiz Viejo Port to Martesan Terminal (P120/tricycle) - P60
Food along the way - P11
Ceres bus from Martesan Terminal to Bacolod North Terminal (non air conditioned) - P60
Tricycle from Bacolod North Terminal to The Ruins (P100/tricycle) - P50
The Ruins - Entrance fee - P100
Food at the Ruins - P23
Shuttle Van from the Ruins to Go Hotels - P50
Jeepney (Shopping North Bound) from Robinson's Mall to Robinson's Supermarket intersection - P7
Dinner at Sharyn's Kansi House - P175
Jeepney (Shopping North Bound) from Robinson's Supermarket intersections to Caltex Lacson - P7
Dessert at Calea - P98
Bought Snacks at the Convenience Store - P43
Jeepney (Bata-Libertad) from Calea to Robinson's Mall - P7

*** I used "I/me" in this post for simplicity but I was with my partner during the whole trip. Any shared expenses is divided by 2 :)
**** all food expenses were shared expenses. In the summary of expenses, you may want to multiply the amount indicated by 2 to get the whole amount paid for food.


  1. Hello, I just wanted to ask if naka check in kayo sa Go Hotels before going to Lakawon? Also, daytour ba kayo sa Lakawon? What time did u leave the island in going to the ruins? Thanks.

    1. Hi Lyn! Yes, naka check in kami sa Go Hotels before pumunta sa Lakawon.. :) para konti lang dala namin sa Lakawon.. Tapos, daytour lang din sa Lakawon. Around one pm kami umalis ng island.. 3 pm kmi nakarating sa The Ruins :)

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