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Leyte: Kalanggaman Island

Famous for its two sandbars, white sand, and blue waters, Kalanggaman Island makes it as one of the top tourist destinations in Leyte.

How to get there

  • From Manila, take a flight to Daniel Romualdez Airport in Tacloban City.  - 1 hour
  • From the Airport, you can opt to hire a tricycle to bring you to Abucay Terminal (P150) or you can ride a jeepney (outside the Airport) to Downtown - Mcdo (P13) then transfer to a multi cab that will take you to Abucay Terminal (P7). - 30 minutes
  • Ride a van going to Palompon Terminal (P150) - 2 hours
  • Hire a pump boat going to Kalanggaman Island at the Palompon Eco-Tourism Office (rates below) - 1 hour

Kalanggaman Island Rates

Entrance and Conservation Fee

Regular Rate (Day Tour)
International Tourist - P500
Non-Palompon Tourist - P150
Non-Palompon College Student - P40
Non-Palompon High School Student - P30
Non-Palompon Elem. Student - P20
Non-Palompongan Senior Citizen - P120

Overnight Rate

International Tourist - P750
Non-Palompon Tourist - P225
Non-Palompon College Student - P60
Non-Palompon High School Student - P45
Non-Palompon Elem. Student - P30
Non-Palompongan Senior Citizen - P180

Private Pumpboat
P3,000 - 15 capacity/persons and below
P3,500 - 16-25 capacity/persons
P4,000 - 26-30 capacity/persons

P250 - 15 capacity/persons and below
P500 - 16-25 capacity/persons
P700 - 26-30 capacity/persons

Tips and Basic Information
  • From Palompon Terminal, there are bikes that you can hire to take you to the Eco-Tourism Office. However, you can walk to the office for just 15 minutes.
  • Make sure to register in the Eco-tourism Office before doing anything else. This is to know if you have fellow travellers heading to the Island and the time of departure. More people means lesser boat fare.
  • The Eco-Tourism Office gives a quick briefing about the Island and gives a trash bag for your waste.
  • There are few stores in the Island that sell goods at above the normal prices (which is understandable). You can buy your food and water in the market where the Terminal is.
  • The first boat trip is at 6:00 AM and last boat trip going to the island is at 5:00 PM.You
  • You can rent a tent at the office or at the store outside the office for P300. A deposit of P200 plus an ID will be needed.
  • There are wooded Teepees like accommodation on the other side of the island. Price is at P1,000
  • You can rent beach bed (P50), table (P30) and chairs  (P10) at the island
  • There's no electricity in the island but they offer gas lamp at night for free
  • Also, there's no fresh water available in the island expect for the 1 gallon water that the Eco-Tourism Office will provide.
  • There's a water pump that provides "filtered" sea water
  • Comfort rooms and shower areas are available.
  • You can have a "fresh water" shower at the Eco-Tourism Office
  • You cannot swim along the sandbars as there are rip currents. Suggested place for swimming is at the front and back portion of the Island
  • If you are on a budget, you should consider having a flexible itinerary. As for our case, we originally planned to have a day tour but we do not want to spend P1,500 each and charter our own boat so we decided to stay overnight together with the rest of the travellers.
For inquiry and reservation you may contact the Eco-tourism office at (053)555-9731/09268164005
For more reference, you can check Kalanggaman Island's website here.

This trip is part of our 4 days and 3 nights Biliran, Leyte and Southern Leyte Tour. For itinerary and expenses, please click here.

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