Inday Gala

The Drive

XXX years ago, I worked as an auditor which used up most of my time. Everything was good in my chosen profession from salary to the work experiences. Outside work, which I have few left then, I enjoyed my off with family and friends which I am really grateful. But I knew, there was more to life. Something that would make me appreciate myself, this world and our Creator more.

I was aware that it is travelling.
Being able to go to new places, to meet different people, to appreciate what the place, the people and their culture has to offer. Then, share these to others and inspire them to explore and appreciate. I know. This has to be it.

The idea was not new to me. 
I loved it ever since but I was not able to pursue it due to priorities. 
But fate was on my side, I got friends from work who shared the same interests I have. 
We started from twice a year travel near the metro and then went farther and farther. 

The Name

The expression "Day-off ni Inday" was used whenever we got some time to sneak off our busy work schedule. Filipinos normally use "Inday" to refer to house helpers. But "Inday", for me, is a representation of someone who works her ass off to provide for her family, to fulfill her obligations and to achieve her goals. "Inday" is a symbol of an empowered woman in this modernised and fast changing society. Thus, I used Inday.

"Gala" is a Tagalog term that means to roam or to wander. I prefer wander more. 

If we combine those words, "Inday Gala" would mean an empowered woman who wander.
Wander Woman? Haha!

The Purpose

I believe that travelling should not be costly. That, of course, is relative. 
Every traveller is different and their course of adventure is up to them.
To others, "budget" is a hindrance to take on that journey.
I should know. I was limited by that thought before. 
I realised that if we prepare for a travel well, there are ways to reduce the cost and to plan our budget.

Remember what I said above? 
The second part of my goal was to share the experiences from my travels with other people. 
That would include advices for cheap travels, travel hacks, customised itineraries, etc.
Because sharing is caringInday Gala came to life
In November 2015, I gave one big push to this idea. 

I know, I started late in documenting my travels but as the famous saying goes, 
"It's better late than never".


Day-off ni Inday is about my travel stories which includes people, places and foods.
This contains Inday Gala's adventures, misadventures and everything in between. 

Happy reading!

My signature pose. Photos taken during my trip in South Korea

“In the World through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.” - Frantz Fanon

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